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its cyberwarfare and fake news collaboration with Trump elected a bigoted clown to undermine democracy

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Donald Trump perfected through massive business losses, increasingly successful media savvy and deep understanding of fear his winning strategy to monetize American society.

Donald Trump is the ultimate Gordon Gecko, the arch-typical white collar criminal. Trump has an array of proven tools at his service. He terrifies his supporters with irrational xenophobia, particularly against Latinos, African Americans and Muslims, convincing his voters and hungry Republican leaders alike that it is worth spending hundreds of billions of dollars for his smoke-and-mirror diversions and their shiny-object magnetism for the unwitting media (eg, denigrating the US military and national security agencies, building a wall that will have no impact on border crossings, cozying up to Russia, fake news, outright lies, alternative facts, banning Muslims from US entry without evidence, threatening a registry of Muslims in the US regardless of their US citizenship, threatening Europe and China with retaliation, scapegoating regulations and cultivating controversies like who has the best pictures of his Inauguration crowd). His Cabinet is stacked with billionaires and others readily beguiled by his promises of power and their potential for significant financial reward, most notably the same bank executives that created the 2008 economic collapse for extreme personal profit. His main target, the media, because, while they usually doesn't figure out scams until they watch documentaries of the destruction, there is a chance that they will wake up sooner and derail his greed. 'Delegitimize the truth' is the ultimate weapon of white collar criminals. Trump believes that he will finally become as rich as he says he is, and maybe a lot more. For Trump, America is simply a conduit for his egomaniacal drive for wealth. He plans to empty America's banks and taxpayer's wallets while everyone is looking in several other (mis)directions. The 2008 economic collapse was just a prelude for Trump's goal.

Trump's Inauguration Day and his divisive spiteful speech, the most destructive and hateful in US history but sold by Trump as "elegant," inspired the largest protest in the world the next day, Jan. 21, 2017. Trump had nothing to say for our children. Millions in 600 American cities and 66 nations around the world addressed Trump's anti-constitutional acts, corruption, felonious sexual assaults, considering his daughter a sex object that he wanted to date, demeaning America's military and national intelligence agencies, richest but least prepared Cabinet in US history (one of whom conveniently forgot a $100 million asset he did not report), inspiring ISIS, elevate white supremacy, plan to register American Muslim citizens, plan to break families, making America less safe, preference for Russia over Americans, claiming most Mexicans are murderers and rapists, and campaign to destroy America and American values. The protest in Washington, DC alone was larger than that attending the inauguration. Most Americans oppose Trump; he lost the popular election vote by 3,000,000 votes even with the voter suppression he championed.

Why do Republicans support a President chosen by Russia? Sean Hannity tweeted (1/8/17), "Amen!! YES! All Americans must join together to MAKE RUSSIA GREAT AGAIN. Teamwork!!" Is power so corrupting that they would break America's heart, violate the Constitution of the United States of America and promote Trump's greed, bigotry, lies, threats, tax evasion, insults and sexual assaults? History will record your shame. They undoubtedly know, voters will figure it out.

Donald Trump's election to President at the hands of Vladimir Putin and Russian interference is the most significant threat against American democracy in the history of the United States. It was enhanced by Trump's racist, sexist, false-facts, conspiracy-theory, corruption, war-crimes resurgency. Trump is an illegitimate President.

In Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin found a compliant stand-in supportive of Russia's massacres, killing hundreds of thousands of Syrian civilians, support of dictators, invasions of other countries, shooting down airliners, weakening NATO and democracy, nuclear proliferation in Iran and North Korea, and white supremacy. Trump will collect billions of dollars for himself and put the Kremlin in the White House and infect the Cabinet and Congress with pro-Putin allies. The US military and national security will be controlled by pro-Putin allies in charge. There has never been such a great loss in an American election.

And why did Putin get Trump elected? Sure, there is his dream to undermine America's stature in the world. And there is his hate for Hillary Clinton for her belief (like everyone else's, that Russian elections are unfair). Both in common with Trump. But Putin's core motivation is the same motivation that drives Trump, greed. Putin, already the richest person in the world, $85 billion as compared to $75 billion for Bill Gates, wants more (Putin stole most of this from privatizing, ie selling, public assets like oil, creating Russia's oligarch class). Putin is determined to get US sanctions against Russia (from its illegal acts in the past) lifted so big deals can go through; the biggest, a $500 billion deal with ExxonMobil's CEO Rex Tillerson ('coincidentally', Trump's appointee for Secretary of State, who is making Putin very rich and opposes sanctions with Russia and thus awarded Putin's high honor, 'Order of Friendship'). Putin's wealth will grow significantly, as will Trump's during a Trump presidency.

Symbolic of the treasonous swing of history, the 'party of Reagan' supports Russian intervention against US interests. Sean Hannity, Trump and other 'Republicans' praise Wikileaks' Julian Assange for collaborating with Putin's cyber war against the United States and accomplishing his choice for US President. Dec 16, the Director of CIA reported strong consensus on scope, nature and intent on Russia's cyber war against the US in favor of Trump. Also Dec 16, FBI Director James Comey and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper concurred with CIA's assessment that Russian hackers meddled in the U.S. presidential election to sway the race toward President-elect Donald Trump. Trump knew about and encouraged Russia's war inside the United States, explaining his refrain that the election was rigged (turns out, in favor of Trump).

October 7, 2016, national security agencies officially reported their analysis that Russia was interfering with the election in favor of Trump, surprising no one. However, Trump defends Russia and refuses to accept the analysis of hundreds of national security experts in 17 federal agencies, virtually all Senators and Congressmen and independent cyber security experts that Russia interfered with the election on behalf of Trump. Trump claims to have information that only he knows regarding Russia's cyber hacking, probably through his many contacts with Russia. Trump also prefers the flaky lies of his brain, Julian Assange (Russia's agent to get Trump elected, and under indictment for rape), white supremacists and The National Enquirer. For risking American lives an interfering with the election in his favor, Trump says he loves Wikileaks/Assange. Trump's defense of Russia exemplifies the tragedy of his wide conflicts of interests, which made him millions of dollars post election and prior to innauguration and is estimated to generate $4 billion for his wallet in the first 100 days in office.

January 5, 2017, testimony before Congress in a hearing organized in part because of Trump's degradation of our national security agencies revealed 1. that US national intelligence agencies are even stronger now in their determination that Russia interfered with the election in favor of Trump than they were October 7, 2016, 2. that NO intelligence agency is involved with Trump's plan to downsize and degrade US national security, which appears intended to further enable Russia's interference with American democracy, and 3. that Russia perpetrated fake news against Hillary Clinton (in parallel with Trump's campaign), 4. that Trump's disparagement of US national security agencies is demoralizing agency officials, staff and foreign governments, 5. that the Russian government celebrated Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton as a geopolitical win for Moscow, and 6. that it is the U.S. intelligence community’s assessment that Moscow’s efforts were aimed at getting Trump elected. January 6, the Director of the FBI, Director of the CIA, Director of the National Security Agency and Director of National Intelligence directly addressed Trump in his Manhattan penthouse, preceded by Trump's usual demeaning tweets against them. (After the meeting, Trump, still mostly dismissive, remained in opposition to the national security agencies conclusion that Russian interfered with the election. Trump did not acknowledge that Russia hacked this election, exonerating his business partner Russia once again. For Trump, our national security professionals are incompetent, the claim he made against our military during the campaign. Trump continues to keep secret the information he claims he knows and promised to reveal January 3 or 4, 2017, likely from his Russian partners, about Russia's cyber attacking.)

Jan 6, 2017, the national security unclassified report was released. A Russian covert operation designed to undermine American democracy evolved into an attempt to help Donald Trump win, according to the declassified version of a long-awaited intelligence report released Friday. "We assess Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the U.S. presidential election. Russia's goals were to undermine public faith in the U.S. democratic process, denigrate Secretary Clinton, and harm her electability and potential presidency. We further assess Putin and the Russian Government developed a clear preference for President-elect Trump." (Trump effectively dismisses the report and work of thousands of national security officers, calling their work a "political witchhunt.")

Without Russia's interference directly ordered by Putin (cyber attacks against the Democratic Party and Clinton campaign chief John Podesta, and fake news to boost Trump and undermine Clinton), which Trump said he loved and asked Russia for more, Trump would not have won. Trump is illegitimate, and acts as such. Because of his ongoing attempts to cover up intensely criminal activity of Russia and spitting on our national security agencies, there is no way that Trump can make America safe.

Moreover, Trump insists that US national security agencies be investigated for their PUBLIC report. Trump is not calling for investigation into Russia's role and collaboration with Trump to interfere with the election for Trump. Trump is even blaming the Democrats.

Trump degrades national security and makes the US less safe. On behalf of Russia and his personal wealth, Trump hopes that the American people will lose confidence in our national intelligence agencies and officers. Adding to his ridicule of US national security agencies and the many officers putting their life on the line, in rataliation for concluding the Russian interference Trump announced plans to downsize and degrade the national security structure (because he disagrees with the assessments about Russia based on imaginary knowledge), enhancing his damage to national security and American democracy.

President Ronald Reagan is rolling in his grave over Trump's Republican army supporting Putin's espionage, election interference and choosing the US President. Russia went all in for Trump and against this American election. Trump made fake news from Putin more believable than actual facts. Trump is joyous that Putin has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent civilian Muslims. Trump induced 37% of Republican voters to approve Putin's mass murder and degrading the US. Shame on Donald Trump, Republicans and their supporters who preferred a murderous dicatator steering the US election towards a greedy, self serving, lying conspiracy theorist who dismisses our military, national intelligence, minorities, non-white citizens and country's profound foundation. They are converting the weak Russian government, which has benefitted no one, into a undeserved super power. Trump and Putin have reduced America.

Trump also has his personal foibles. Using dark forces, paranoia, overcompensation, vendetta, television celebrity and tabloid notoriety for sexual assault, adultery and swindling investors and contractors, Donald Trump won the election. Experience and substance meant nothing for this TV reality show election where insults, bigotry, sex talk, violence and lies ruled. Trump said that he would make everyone's dreams come true, deport 15 million immigrants, build a free Mexican wall so extravagant and more massive than the Great Wall of China that it would deserve to have his name on it, ban Muslims, cure health care, end crime fast, drop a US soldier out of a plane without a parachute, end citizenship for those born in the US to immigrant parents and a long list of other impossibilities. Likely to later regret it, his voters believed him, blinded by his Jerry Springer campaign show, and elected a self-centered charlatan driven by greed and womanizing. Some women were so fervent that they wore T-shirts and raised signs asking Trump to grab their genitals.

Trump's campaign was built on egomania, demagoguery, claiming America is weak and the military a disaster, lies, exacerbating hate, sowing division, popularizing discredited conspiracy theories, bigotry, immorality, vulgarity, insults, demeaning women and minorities, endorsing violence, disregarding the US Constitution, promises of torture and genocide, committing war crimes, racism, normalizing sexual assault and adultery, banning abortion, punishing women who have abortions, banning same sex marriage, banning marijuana, requiring guns at schools and in bars, excusing mass murder from guns, mainstreaming white supremacy, vengeance, banning the state program barring federal intervention known as Common Core, legitimizing fraud, ridiculing women and the disabled, blaming rape on its victims, threatening mass deportations, banning Muslims, Muslim mosque surveillance, instituting Muslim ID cards, imprisoning criminal suspects without judicial process, compelling police departments to arrest citizens presumed to have committed a crime, scapegoating the judiciary, threatening to use the judiciary to settle personal vendettas, degrading health care, tax cuts for the wealthy, fear, trade wars, weakening NATO, attacking US military leadership, firing military and security leadership, denying global warming, nuclear warfare proliferation, using nuclear weapons in Europe and Arab countries, requiring Germany and Japan to provide its own military and nuclear security (contrary to rules enacted after World War II), enabling nuclear weapons in Iran in 2017, false promises, authoritarianism, extremism, announcing an enemies list for future punishment, planning to imprison Hillary Clinton, eliminating gang warfare January 20, 2017, walling off America from the world, solving all crime easily and cheaply, repealing protections to prevent bank fraud like that that caused the 2008 collapse, destroying the economy, creating a 35% import tariff, reducing international trade, imposing penalties for US businesses doing business outside of the US (exemption for Trump businesses), terminating manufacturing outside US for US companies (eg, forcing Apple to build its computers/phones/watches in the US, exemption for Trump companies), violating international agreements and reducing America's leadership role in the world. These, and more, were Trump campaign promises. The federal debt will skyrocket trillions of dollars. No wonder protests against Trump across America began November 10. As in the campaign, President Elect Trump attacked the protesters via a tweet. Trump prospered and vilified via tweets, a remarkable sleezy citizen attack tool perfected by the next President.

America now takes its turn toward fascism and away from its glory, as did Germany and Italy eighty years ago and several banana republics since. And this 'leader' will profiteer immensely like state leaders in Russia, Iraq, North Korea, Afghanistan, African countries and elsewhere.

Trump's election is having stunning results. Trump is filling his government with members of the Washington swamp he attacked as candidate. Trump signaled that he will keep the core components of 'Obama Care'. Reversals from his campaign promises grow daily.

Russia cheered Trump's election, now admitting that it had contacts with Trump during the campaign, though still denying its proven cyberwarfare on behalf of Trump (In 2008, Eric Trump said, "Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets. We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia."). Russia sees Trump as one of its oligarchs, fighting the US from within. Needing an economic and geopolitical boost after years of mismanagement and international sanctions for invading Ukraine, Vladamir Putin is pleased at Trump's drive to isolate and weaken America. Russia's interference with American Democracy through cyber warfare, encouraged by Trump, succeeded in getting Trump elected. Pleas from a hundred major newspapers and hundreds of security and military experts were ignored, becoming targets themselves for blusterous Trump ridicule to the delight of our state and terrorist adversaries. (Trump's connection with Russia began in 1986 and was invited in 1987 to Russia to meet with senior government officials and initiate business ties.)

China said Trump's election sent a clear signal that the U.S. political system is a failure and that Trump, a clown, will turn the number one economy into number two. ISIS celebrated Trump's election, believing that it will lead to US civil war, expand terrorism against the US and cause the downfall of the west. Syria is elated and comforted. Bashar al-Assad sees Trump as a natural ally with Russia and Iran. NATO is distressed, as are leaders and populations of countries around the world. Newspapers around the world are mocking Trump's election.

There is fear across America responding to the fear-mongering of Trump's campaign. David Duke, former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard, boasted credit for Trump's election. The KKK is having victory parades in white hoods for Trump (one of its web sites says, "TRUMP = TRUMP'S RACE UNITED MY PEOPLE"). The American Nazi Party is thrilled by Trump's election. Threats of lynching African Americans are on the rise. Large protest rallies are occurring across America every day. Millions of Americans are disgusted, many clinically depressed over Trump's assault on American values, Americans and populations around the world in need of America's aid. Suicide hotlines are deluged with calls from members of the LGBTQ community, minorities and victims of sexual assault who are worried about Trump's victory and what he said he would do to them. Many are worried that Trump will take away their rights as he promised during his hate campaign. Many resent fewer than half the voters voted for a menacing clown, though enough to gain more Electoral College votes (Trump lost the popular vote). Many are saddened by Trump's insult to the Presidency, preferring not to live in the White House full time, preferring to spend his time at three more luxurious personal properties (Manhattan, New Jersey and Palm Beach). The White House is not good enough for Trump, who looks forward to taxpayers spending millions to security harden his properties, sure to be used by Trump in marketing them for his financial reward, what a deal. Trump calculates that the securitizing of and attention to his businesses at taxpayer expense will be very profitable. (Trump's son, Don Jr, said in October that the running for President was a step down for his father.)

Pathological partisanship will likely deepen and divide Americans further, feeding tribal ethnicity where membership in one party rationalizes total disdain and lack of empathy for other.

Ironically, although rewarded by the electorate and media for his rich playboy celebrity, luxury real estate and presumed power, Trump is the definition of what Trump supporters despise: an unfairly wealthy insider elitist that corrupted business and politics at the expense of those Trump called "the uneducated." For example, Trump:

    • hired teams of lobbyists and lawyers to manipulate the tax code, laws and regulations
    • used company money to purchase and maintain personal residences
    • hid wrongdoing behind a corporate maze
    • blackmailed and threatened adversaries, business partners and customers with lawsuits
    • cheated small businesses by refusing to pay for services rendered
    • used an illegal taxpayer-subsidized charity to pay personal bills and hotel improvements and to, in effect, purchase social status
    • got away with violating court orders
    • gained substantially from declaring bankruptcies, using dubious tax deductions to avoid paying little if any federal income tax on billions of dollars of income
    • misled banks and creditors about his net worth and financial liabilities
    • hired illegal immigrants to save money
    • demeaned women as a lifestyle and media personality
    • ridiculed minorities and the disabled for laughs
    • only rarely, if ever, disclosed valid tax returns or financial statements
    • has revealed very little about his businesses and conflicts of interest with government decisions, spending and policies
    • claimed he will make money as President
    • other than a $14 million gift from his father, he relied upon the 'establishment' that he railed against for everything he achieved (back room deals with government, agencies, lobbyists, politicians and the media)
    • while claiming to have $11 billion in net worth, Trump has done virtually nothing for America
    • Trump will profit wildly while President, billions and billions (the reason he ran)
    • to avoid testifying under oath, and open risk of perjury, Trump is trying to settle his lawsuits

Trump will almost certainly steer US government spending to Trump businesses (Trump and his children started using the presidency to promote their businesses duringthe first week after the election), those known or those hidden set up to receive revenues from purchases, contracts, management fees and shell companies. Trump is deceit on steroids. Every decision he makes will be a conflict of interest between personal gain vs public gain (after all, he bragged during the campaign about his prowess to corrupt the system and manipulate laws, regulations and enforcement on behalf of his 500 businesses; Dec 2015, Trump said that his business in Turkey would provide a conflict of interest as President). With the power of the Presidency, Trump will finally gain the wealth and attention he longed for his entire life at great public economic and moral expense.

The question for all of us. What will his supporters do when they recognize that Trump is what they rebelled against and find themselves even more cynical about being lied to and cheated even more blatantly than ever before? After all, TV celebrity has its limits.

Our hearts are broken by the egregious claims that persuaded Trump's election. We now live in shame with the prospect for more international and internal civil war. His campaign promises will be more costly than anything ever undertaken. Unless Trump dramatically changes and abandons his bigoted campaign promises (eg, see second paragraph above), America will go into a tailspin.

Children can no longer look up to the President. The FBI has been defamed for assisting Trump's election like Russia did. Evangelicals have been exposed as hypocrites. The wondrous American dream has been derailed. Trump has already done great damage to America. His authoritarianism will smother liberty.

Donald trump claimed that he created the biggest movement in American history. Mr. Trump, you didn't even come close. Compared to the American movement yours is deplorable. The American Revolution created the greatest country and opportunities on earth. The civil rights movement showed the great content of American character that you denigrate so wantonly. America vastly outshines your deceit and divisiveness, and will learn from your misdeeds and ultimately prevail to renew the heroic American journey.

there has never been a smaller view of america, our inner cities
our generals are not a disaster
compared to the american movement, his is deplorable
he likes the uneducated, they delivered
his lies, corruption and vulgarity wrong
he tries to cheapen and defraud us with his wealth
he is unfit and con, he is a profiteering land barron, he barks
but now, he has a nuclear button next to his twitter finger
we cry for america, we cry for his targets, we will endure

Trump Shames America