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Great Farce Inspires Great Movies and Great Novels

If only Peter Sellers were alive to reprise his movie, Dr. Strangelove. Thousands of castigating documentaries, movies and books will cover the Trump's assault on America. America will have taken its turn at extremism, tyranny and massive corruption. With Trump, past is prologue to a presidency filled with feuds, turmoil, conspiracies, self dealing and cheating voters, his customers, his business partners and in his tax returns.

Donald Trump won by enticing his voters with a made-for-TV banana republic. He was propelled to the presidency on lies, voter bigotry, Russian interference with the US election, conspiracy theories, adultery, sexual assault, pedophylia, the racist neo-Nazi alt right media and movement, white supremacists and the KKK, charity/business/tax cheating, bogus medical records, crazy hair and FBI Director James Comey. Never has a President been elected with so much information hidden by the candidate. Especially fruitful was Trump's 'fake news' operation, assisted by geeks and mischievous fame seekers (virtually all negative stories about Hillary Clinton were 'fake news' stories, employing tens of thousands human internet trolls spreading millions of posts and networks of web sites and social media accounts to inject false content online. The ridiculous was front and center for Trump, eg Alex Jones' ranting about President Obama and Hillary Clinton smelling of sulfur, prooving that they are Satan. His voters and even the media ate it up, overwhelmed by Trump's bravado, sadly brilliant marketing and cunning deception...and all that gold. They actually believed that Trump is a 'blue collar billionaire'.

Trump ran for President for one reason, to make money by turning the candidacy and his unlikely election into a cash register and finally become the billionaire he says he is. During the campaign, he bragged that he would make money as President, and made millions renting properties and selling security services to the campaign. Trump steered millions of dollars of donors' contributions to his businesses. Ukraine donated $150,000 to Trump's charity for a September 2015 speech (said this would be illegal during the campaign). Turkey is very pleased. Bahrain will spend money with Trump to curry favor at Trump's motel in DC (leased from the DC government) Dec 16. There is profit for Trump from every foreign country. He started many new businesses in China and Saudi Arabia, likely elsewhere as well. Post election, Trump met with dozens of foreign leaders to promote his businesses, often with his daughter Ivanka in the room or on the phone to ensure his personal business interests profitted. Ivanka is getting an office in the White House, while she and her father claim she will have nothing to do with government. Trump's sons, Don Jr. and Eric, interviewed potential cabinet appointees to assure Trump's business interests are protected. He met with interim United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage to express opposition to wind farms in the United Kingdom so Trump's golf course would have a better view. Trump pressed Argentina's President about a stalled Trump business project there; it worked, progress made after the call. International diplomats are staying at Trump hotels to gain favor with Trump. Trump owns stock in the Dakota Access Pipeline project, under protests from native Americans who will likely lose their property to Trump's eminent domain quests. Protecting Trump costs NYC $1 million per day alone. Trump is using taxpayer funds, tens of millions of dollars, to securitize his Manhattan penthouse, his NY golf course and his Palm Beach ultra luxury club, Mar-a-Lago, making the US Secret Service RENT space in his properties at inflated costs, 2 floors in Trump Tower in Manhattan for example for 250 security agents and police (total profits to exceed $20 million/year). Trump is also helping his friends, undoubtedly for a fee; his political appointees' net worth exceed $50 billion.

During the campaing, Trump paid himself with campaign contributor funds over $11,000,000 to The Trump Corporation, The Trump Security, Trump Cafe, Trump Grill, Trump Hotel, Doral Golf Resort, Eric Trump Wine Manufacturing, LLC, The Mar a Lago Club LLC, Trump Plaza LLC, Trump International Golf Club, Trump National Golf Club, Trump Old Post Office LLC, Trump Park Avenue LLC, Trump International Hotel, Trump Restaurants, Trump SoHo, Trump Tower, TAG Air, Inc., Trump Virginia Acquisitions, LLC, Trump CPS LLC and Trump ICE LLC. It also does not include $55,000 paid by the campaign to Barnes and Noble to purchase Trump’s own books at retail cost, which artificially inflated his book sales. Trump said often that he would make money from running for President.

Running Trump's businesses out of the White House and by him as President and his appointees violates the US Constitution. His defense, the voters knew about his deep conflicts of interest. However, what voter's know does not relieve the high crime of violating the Constitution.

Note: doing business with China for example IS doing business with that state. The Constitution says, "No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State." (the Emoluments Clause, ARTICLE I, SECTION 9, CLAUSE 8) Corporations owned or controlled by a foreign government are presumptively foreign states under the Emoluments Clause.

Trump confirmed that he has continued to talk business while holding meetings as president-elect, adding "the president can't have a conflict of interest." (The previously most corrupt President, Richard Nixon, said, "when the president does it, that means it is not illegal." Both positions are eggregiously illegal.) And, Trump will appoint an IRS auditor who will favor Trump in the minefield of conflicts in his tax returns and 'charity'. Like he said during the campaign, he can get away with murder.

Trump made very clear his priority, business before country. "In theory, I could run my business perfectly and then run the country perfectly." Welcome to the Trump kleptocracy.

Sadly, Trump relied upon and stoked hate as his primary strategy. His campaign of racism, sexism, Islamophobia, Latino bashing, white supremacy, denigrating African Americans, lies, ignorance, insults, lawsuit threats, the great Trump wall, nuclear proliferation, calling the military and national security leaders a disaster and false promises worked. (hate crimes surge post election)

Defying most security, military and economic experts, Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States.

Trump lost the popular vote by over approximately 3,000,000 votes (6 times more than Al Gore over George Bush in 2000), admitting that he prefers the popular vote for electing the President. Clinton leads by 1.5 percentage points, a spread not seen for a losing candidate since the disputed election of 1876.

The leader of the Republican Party, Trump, is not a Republican.

Trump designated 35-year-old son-in-law Jared Kushner to receive the daily presidential security briefing. Trump expects us to believe that these briefings will be forgotten when Kushner and his wife Ivanka Trump make business decisions. Between 1991 and 2006, Kushner was a contributor to the Democratic Party, donating over $100,000 to various campaigns in that time period. Kushner's father, Charles, was arrested on charges of tax evasion, illegal campaign donations and witness tampering in 2004 and was eventually convicted of the above-mentioned charges.

Primary political inspiration for Trump comes from Steve Bannon/Breitbart and Alex Jones/InfoWars, both master conspiracy theorists. For example, Alex Jones claims that the massacre at Sandy Hook killing children and teachers was a hoax.

The KKK, white supremacy and neo-Nazi groups are thrilled with Trump's election.

Wink wink. Trump says he will not use the Presidency to benefit his 500 businesses and will not allow his businesses to impact public policy. The conflicts of interest are vast, sure to be visited in anticipated impeachment proceedings.

ISIS, Russia and Syria endorse Trump, playing into the hands of terrorists.

Trump will cancel the Iran Nuclear deal, enabling Iran to have nuclear weapons in 2017.

Trump will solve crime and deport millions of residents on 'day one'.

Trump will make all dreams come true.

Trump disagrees with CIA, NSA, Homeland Security and Director of National Intelligence - all of whom linked the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton computer hacking to Russia. Trump encouraged Russia to hack but prefers to blame a 400 pound guy in bed regardless what the national security forces have concluded.

Trump remains a defendant in numerous lawsuits and Nov 11 refiled a plaintiff lawsuit against the District of Columbia regarding "The Trump Old Post Office" now known as Trump Washington DC. During the campaign, Trump promised numerous lawsuits against the media and against women he sexually assaulted.

Trump says his business conflicts of interest as President are none of our business.

Most of Trump's campaign promises are violations of the US Consitution.

Nepotism and conflicts of interest are the DNA of Trump's administration.

About waterboarding torture, Trump said, "I like it a lot. I don’t think it’s tough enough." Sen. John McCain, tortured for years in Vietnam, said, "I don’t give a damn what the president of the United States wants to do. We will not waterboard. We will not torture people … It doesn’t work."

Wealthy man cheapens presidency, unable to control ego, bigotry, business cheating, constitutional violations, war crimes, sexism, imprisoning adversaries, going from Twitter war to nuclear war, insults and bodily functions. Aided by most expensive body guard enterprise in history, survives all real and imaginary attacks. Creates and rules an American cast system where only millionaires are afforded rights, only billionaires can own gold. Bans media, color television and performance arts. Censores all expression. Books referring to freedom are banned. Religion is banned. Hispanics are wiped out. Those with more than 90% African heritage are enslaved. Everyone is required to have at least one gun. The environment ruined, few ever see direct sunlight. Health care available only by lottery. All product safety regulations are banned. False advertising is embraced. Five hundred years later, hope returns.

Trashing the First Amendment, 'Hamilton', perhaps the greatest Broadway musical, trashed by Trump, claiming that the play is highly over rated, though it rated enough for VP Elect Pence to attend and applaud many times. "Vice President-elect Pence, we welcome you and we truly thank you for joining us at 'Hamilton: An American Musical,' " actor Brandon Victor Dixon said onstage. "We are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights, sir. We hope this show has inspired you to uphold our American values and work on behalf of all of us." Trump hated the (First Amendment) message, and relied on Twitter for his 'presidential' whipping. It's that thin skin egomaniac thing.

Trump attacks Saturday Night Live as well. This is what it means to be presidential to Trump, attack attack attack Americans, free speech, religion, minorities and the disabled.

Months of Trump Twitter attacks against Megyn Kelly caused Fox News to hire security to protect her from a deluge of murder threats emboldened by Trump.

Trump plans to NOT spend weekends at the White House. Melania plans to not move at all.

Trump is not interested in national security intelligence briefings, skipping the presidential daily briefing most of the time post election. Doesn't want to confuse himself with facts.

Energized by Trump's win, white nationalists rejoice and gather to change the world.

Hillary Clinton received approximately 3 million votes more than Trump. Other candidates received over 5% of the vote. This is the largest gap in US history disfavoring the elected candidate. Weeks after the election, protests and experts against Trump continue.

Prior to the election, Trump called the election rigged. It was, via Russian interference and fake news. After the election, Trump acknowledged that he lost the popular vote, but could have won it if he wanted and said that Jill Stein's request to recount Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan votes was a scam. Nov 28, he announced that he lost the popular vote due entirely to illegal votes, as usual making outrageous claims without any evidence whatsoever. Trump will say anything false to destroy the American election system, and not raise himself to the presidency of the US. Trump basically says that we should have no confidence in the election results or democracy, thus making a strong case for a recount. Mocking and discrediting the election he won shows once again Trump's delusion. Again and again, Trump embarrasses and degrades America.

Trump's White House Chief Strategist created a tax-exempt charity to attack Hillary Clinton and paid himself $376,000. Simultaneously, he was Executive Chairman of Breitbart News, which produced attack articles against race, immigration, liberals and moderate Republicans.

Trump allows corporations and wealthy individuals to make large donations to fund the activities surrounding his inauguration, seeding corruption and violating his promise to eliminate special interests from influencing his government.

Foolish parade of fools. Promoting his luxury properties in the process, candidates to appointment march in, hat in hand, tail between their legs to kiss the ring an get on their knees. Some get a pricey meal during their audience with the emperor. Everyone is at the edge of their seat for Trump's reality-TV parade as he cultivates international sponsors and businesses using the power of the presidency as his ace bargaining chip to ripoff the American people and finally become a billionaire.

Again and again, Trump intends to violate the Constitution. This time removing citizenship or jailing anyone who burns the US Flag. Distasteful, the Supreme Court has ruled more than once that it is constitutional, including by Antonin Scalia.

Slamming corporate corruption during the campaign while bragging his life long successful practice, post election Trump is selling direct access for $1 million from corporations and lobbyists.

"Donald Trump Is A Professional Dominatrix and the GOP Can’t Get Enough Of His Humiliation. And despite his pussy-grabbing brag, when it comes to political interactions, Trump’s sadism isn’t non-consensual. One by one, Trump has publicly subjected his former enemies to all manner of indignity, with the humiliation seeming like something both parties tolerate. (eg, Chris Christie, Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, David Patraeus) A professional dominatrix would never subject her clients to non-consensual pain. But in his political foes-cum-sycophants, Trump seems to have found willing subs, political masochists who keep coming back for more." (Erin Gloria Ryan)

Regarding why Trump will not only run his businesses from the White House, but desperately use his presidential powers to finally be a billionaire. "Maybe he can't divest because he's too underwater to do so or more likely he's too dependent on current and expanding cash flow to divest or even turn the reins over to someone else. The idea that Trump is heavily leveraged and reliant on on-going cash flow to keep his business empire from coming apart and collapsing into bankruptcy was frequently discussed during the campaign. Since we don't have Trump's tax returns, there's just a huge amount we don't know about his businesses. What we do know is that Trump appears to wildly exaggerate the scale of his wealth and exhibit a stinginess that is very hard to square with a man of the kinds of means he claims. A heavily leveraged business, one that is indebted and dependent on cash flow to keep everything moving forward, can be kind of like a shark. It has to keep moving forward or it dies." (Josh Marshall)

"President-elect Donald Trump is about to inherit a newly empowered Voice of America that some officials fear could serve as an unfettered propaganda arm for the former reality TV star who has flirted for years with launching his own network. Buried on page 1,404 of the National Defense Authorization Act that passed last week is a provision that would disband the bipartisan board of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, the independent U.S. agency that includes Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, Radio Free Asia, and the Middle East Broadcast Networks. Essentially, Trump is finally getting his Trump TV – financed by taxpayers to the tune of $800 million per year." (Tara Palmeri)

Trump's Cabinet will have more wealth than third of American households combined. So much for blue collar.

Trump's doctor, Harold Bornstein, said Dec 21, "If something happens to him, then it happens to him. It’s like all the rest of us, no? That’s why we have a vice president and a speaker of the House and a whole line of people. They can just keep dying." So reassuring a doctor can be.

Sad, but true. Trump supporters believe lies and fake news more than the truth. They believe Hillary Clinton is a pedophile, HIllary Clinton is a criminal, Democrats paid protesters against Trump, Trump won more votes than Clinton (Clinton won by 3 million votes), unemployment is up, the stock market went down with Obama, there were millions of illegal election ballots, Trump is not corrupt, Trump is successful in all his businesses, Trump donated millions of dollars to charity over the past several years, Trump is draining the swamp, international trade is bad, Russia and Putin are good, Trump will now reward billionaires, NATO is obsolete, more nuclear weapons is good policy, Muslims are evil, Obama was the worst President in US history, Obama and Clinton created ISIS/ISIL, Trump was against the Iraq war, Trump never sexually assaulted anyone, Trump will not use the government to favor his personal businesses, Russia/Putin did not interfere with the US election against Clinton and for Trump, US military generals are fools, the national security agencies of the US are liars as well as created prior wars, a "half blind trust" will separate Trump from his hundres of businesses, African American are loosers, Hispanics are rapists and killers, poor people are rich, Christianity is the only true religion, crime is the worst it has ever been, home values are the worst they have ever been, and more. All false. Trump could never win anything with the Truth. Trump has always thrived on false advertising, finger pointing, bogus denials, lies and fake news...the tools of the white collar crime trade. Having convinced successfully courts, regulators, politicians and banks with lies and fake news for a career, Trump evolved his record to the voting public. They too believe Trump, and will accept his future lies and fake news to exonerate serious mistakes, racism, bigotry, religious intolerance, sexual assault, corruption, conflicts of interest, murders, denigration of national security agencies, and more. But, the pendulum will swing, and Trump will be exposed again as a fraud dedicated to greed and ruining lives beyond his family, this time seriously degrading America's history and prestige, the middle class and poor, minorities, the Constitution, prospects for peace and the world. (eg, after Trump’s win, a crowd cheered “Heil Trump” at an alt-right conference; leaders of "alt-right" groups promoting white supremacism are prepared to revolt against  if he doesn’t follow through on his campaign promises)

Dec 31: Trump wished Happy New Year to his enemies and haters and losers regarding his eggregious defamatory campaign, all of whom are Americans, but praises Vladimir Putin. Trump continues to degrade national intelligence officials, again all of whom are Americans, in favor of Russia. Trump bragged that he knows things about hacking that no one outside of Russia knows and that he will reveal the mysteries January 3 or 4. Trump especially despises, like Russia, the CIA/FBI/NSA who, Trump and Putin insist get big things wrong, eg blaming these organizations for being over-ruled by President George Bush regarding the Iraq War. Trump is a traitor.

For voters, feelings outweigh knowledge. Politicians exploit this for their own egos and of course for power and profit. They rarely deliver their promises. Donald Trump excelled at it. His deceit overwhelmed the counsel about Trump from most experts in national security, the environment and economics. Trump's treating fake news more important that facts was addictive, the winning strategy for any demagogue. Even before officially taking the office abandoned the promises that appealed to his voters' feelings and got him elected. The trumpian wonder-of-the-world Mexican wall turned into a fence. His mass deportations turned into the level of deportations under President Barrack Obama. His infamous Muslim Ban has mostly evaporated. Once promissing to imprison Hillary Clinton, he now says he doesn't want to hurt her. Once spitting on 'Obama Care', Trump now likes its primary components. Calling Obama Satan before the election turned into calling him "a very good man" after. Trump railed against Executive Orders as condidate, but as President will heavily rely upon them. Trump is not a Republican, he is a repudiation of the Republican Party. Denouncing political corruption, he also brags about doing it for a career. He has yet to say what was great about America, so that he can make America great again. Trump opposes multi-ethnic multi-cultural America, the foundation of what America is. As time goes on, his voters will realize that they were duped by Trump and see him as a greedy politician, certainly not a public servant.

A life of fraud got him the Presidency