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Trump trades truth and the rule of law for corruption and treason, promotes white supremacy and nuclear war, degrades American values, and has transformed the US into the most destabilizing force in the world.

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Slavery was America's first sin. Trump is America's second.

Americans, allies and adversaries see that the US is breaking. Trump is the biggest enemy the US has ever had.

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Trump endorses the larges and most murderous terrorist group in the US, white supremacists. He is its leading member, endorsed by the KKK, neo-Nazis and white supremacist around the world.

March 17: St. Patrick's Day, so Trump used the occasion to attack Senator John McCain, who died a few months ago from brain cancer. He suffered decades from extreme torture as a prisoner of war when his fighter plane was shot down over Vietnam. Trump despises McCain for not being a white-supremacist who encourages daily the murder of non-whites and Muslims as Trump does.

March 17: Tiny-man Trump, world-class Putin puppet, claimed that Saturday Night Live, a TV comedy show for decades, is colluding with Russia. Oh my! Humor is a Russian plot to Trump.

March 16: Like Putin and Kim, Trump is restricting visas of any International Criminal Court (ICC) staffers who investigate US war crimes. Dictators unite.

March 14: Trump again encouraged HIS police, military, bikers and anyone with a gun to plan and commit violence against non-whites, Muslims, the FBI, the media and Democrats.

In turn, 49 Muslims were slaughtered today in New Zealand by a killer who endorses Trump's white supremacy and call to kill non-whites and Muslims.

March 13: Trashing the Bible, Trump signed them today, his signature outperforming the Bible itself. One of these dubious prizes was sold for $325 on eBay.

March 7: Trump has learned that white collar crime can earn you billions of dollars with little risk of being caught, and even if caught given a small prison sentence. Trump's campaign manager and chief conduit with Russia against the US, Paul Manafort, committed an array of serious crimes of massive fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, lying prolifically to FBI/DOJ agent, illicit gain of $30+ million and conspiracy against the US on behalf of US adversaries, but was sentenced today to less than 4 years in prison. In contrast, if you are an African American mowing your lawn and watching TV in your home, you can be sent to prison for decades for being black or smoking a joint, or be murdered by police who go uncharged for their crime.

Trump is running the executive branch with 2 kinds: corrupt and spies for US adversaries, particularly Russia and Saudi Arabia, Trump's 2 largest business and crime partners.

March 6: Trump's trade war and economic crimes produced the largest trade deficit in 294 years, $891.2 billion, a component of his expanding the US deficit $2 trillion. The middle class will have unfair tax bills for hundreds of years from Trump.

Same kind of Trump fraud in insurance. Eg, Trump claimed $17 million for non-existent insurance damage in 2005 to his Mara Lago palace caused by a hurricane he can't remember. Two years after a series of storms, the real estate tycoon said he didn’t know how much had been spent on repairs, but acknowledged he pocketed some of the money. He transferred funds into his personal accounts.

Amazing that many in Congress demanded impeachment AND removal from office Bill Clinton for having a sexual affair, but demand no such action against Trump for hundreds of millions of dollars of bank/insurance/tax fraud, defraud voters, conspiracy against the US, disassembling US national security and the rule of law, paying illegal hush money to a porn star and Playboy bunny, and having lied 9,000 times in office.

March 5: Trump is the most diverse mobster the world has seen. Bank fraud, insurance fraud, real estate fraud, money laundering, accounting fraud, tax fraud, product fraud....and now government fraud and corruption, selling US national security to foreign dictators (eg, Putin and the crown prince of Saudi Arabia), breaking US national security, election fraud, obstruction of justice, refusing to comply with congressional oversight, selling pardons to criminals and violations of the US Constitution.

February 28: Trump surrendered to a murderous dictator again, this time again siding with a dictator over US intelligence by accepting the "word" of Kim Jong Un that North Korea had nothing to do with the horrible end of the life of an American in North Korea. And, undermining the US and the presidency again on the world stage, Trump left his "summit" with Kim with nothing after promising final solutions with North Korea. While he was at it, Trump attack Americans while with Kim.

Thus, in the span of a few hours, Trump showed weakness and that he is a con man, cheat and racist who conspires against the US. Trump joins Nixon as a loser in Viet Nam, host of Trump's debacle.

February 27: "The president doesn’t tell the truth about a lot of things fairly consistently. And so the fact that he’s not telling the truth about Russia fairly consistently, at least in the eyes of the people around here, why is that any different? It’s not like he’s doing something out of character with the Russia investigation, that he’s not doing in other areas." (Rick Santorum, Trump apologist/defender!)

"The interesting thing is that there hasn’t been one Republican yet who has tried to defend the president on the substance, and I think that’s something that should be concerning to the White House." (Chris Christie, Trump apologist/defender!)

February 27: Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, was grilled in a House hearing today. Trump's bogus Republicans attacked Cohen, forced an African-American Trump employee to vouch for Trump (yet another form of Trump racism) or be fired. and railed against their duty to perform oversight.

BUT, they NEVER claimed Trump was lying today, thus endorsing the truth of what Cohen testified to...that Trump is a liar, con man, cheat, racist and traitor.

Notably, Trump's fake Republicans attacken Cohen for being found guilty and going to prison for a criminal conspiracy with Trump.

Also revealed today, there are several criminal investigations under way against Trump.

Last but not least, the fake Republicans screamed over and over that Cohen lied to Congress a year ago when Cohen testified that Trump was a good guy and did not commit crimes. What were they thinking?

One of 11 checks Trump paid for his criminal conspiracy to break campaign finance law and to silence his porn-star sex . Trump's first installments, a check for $70,000, were made in the Oval Office shortly after he took office (orchestrating payment for his criminal conspiracy from the White House). Trump signed six other checks like this for his criminal conspiracy to defraud voters.

A Trump crime perpetrated from the White House!

Trump paid Cohen $420,000, paying Stormy Daniels $130,000 and keeping the rest for his service in Trump's criminal conspiracy to defraud voters

February 21: Trump is frustrated. His US policy to murder US citizens when they are African Americans, journalists or Democrats is moving too slowly. African Americans in their homes and cars are routinely murdered by the police. Last week, the editor of a newspaper in Alabama called for the KKK to eliminate Trump's foes in Washington, DC. Yesterday, one of Trump's white supremacists was arrested because of his arsenal and plan to kill over a dozen favorite enemies named by Trump on CNN, MSNBC and in Congress.

'No comment' from Trump about the member of the US Coast Guard arrested for planning to KILL an array of leaders in Congress, including the Speaker of the House and journalists. Instead, Trump calls these targets the enemies of the people, encouraging their assassination and threatens termination of the comedy show Saturday Night Live.

February 20: To assist Trump's menace against the US, Putin announced that he will target nuclear weapons against the US. Putin has said that Russia is militarily ready for a Cuban Missile-style crisis if the United States is foolish enough to want one and that his country currently has the edge when it comes to a first nuclear strike.

Trump continues to rely on Putin for re-election, and will do nothing to protect US elections from Putin's interference. Putin is active attacking potential Democratic candidates via social media for the 2020 elections.

Trump has already added over $2 trillion to the national debt, handing over hundreds of billions of dollars to banks, large corporations and billionaires (eg, while Trump attacks Amazon on Twitter, he enabled Amazon to pay NO federal income tax on $11 billion profit for 2018).

February 19: Daily it seems, Trump commits crimes, obstruction of justice and treason. Today's leading example: Trump directed the nitwit he installed as Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker, to drop the prosecution of criminal conspiracy between himself and Michael Cohen, who admitted guilt and is going to prison for 3 years starting in March. And, Trump directed Whitaker to lie about it to Congress by testifying falsely under oath that he never had discussions with Trump about this. Whitaker told associates that his job as Attorney General was to jump on a grenade for Trump.

February 18: Trump informed European countries that he plans to release hundreds of ISIS terrorists in addition to turning over Syria and Iraq back to ISIS.

February 18: Again and again, Trump pledges his allegiance to Vladimir Putin. Trump tells the CIA, FBI and NSA that he discounts US intelligence in favor of his late night calls with Putin. In turn, Trump is removing from these agencies of US patriots. Treason.

People who attack an investigation into their conduct are the ones who can’t defend themselves against it. In other words, guilty people.

February 15: The US commander who has been leading the war against ISIS, General Joseph Votel, disagrees with Trump over Syria troop pullout. "It would not have been my military advice at that particular time ... I would not have made that suggestion, frankly. (The caliphate) still has leaders, still has fighters, it still has facilitators, it still has resources, so our continued military pressure is necessary to continue to go after that network."

February 15: "The only national emergency is that our president is an idiot." (Ann Coulter)

Trump said it's easier to climb Mr. Everest than get through his wall. Never mind all one needs is a short ladder, shovels for tunnels, walk around it or fly over it on Delta.

Trump also said that taking executive action on immigration was an unconstitutional action that could lead to impeachment. And, he said he didn't need his emergency action except for his election campaign. Moments after declaring a national emergency, Trump went on vacation to Mara Lago in Palm Beach to share national secrets to those who pay him enough to get in and to watch his illegal immigrant employees do menial labor. Undoubtedly, Trump has many Russian spy members.

February 12: Trump still cannot count. He claimed his wacky El Paso rally last night had 35,000 attendees and Beto O'Rourke's march a block away had only 200-300. False of course. Both events had 10,000-12,000 in their audience. Oh, and he does not have $11 billion either. He'd be lucky to have 1% of this.

February 8: Looks like yet another Trump/Saudi/National Enquirer criminal conspiracy against a US citizen. This time, using - via a Trump agency - intercepted text messages of Jeff Bezos, the National Enquirer served the lead to extort, to benefit Trump, Bezos, owner of the Washington Post, despised by Trump. Owner of the National Enquirer, longtime Trump crime partner, threatened Bezos to stop researching facts about the National Enquirer or suffer the public release of the criminally-intercepted text messages of Bezos.

February 7: Trump's corruption with Russia included approving Putin's development of new nuclear weapons to devastate NATO countries in Europe. Trump hates NATO as much as Putin. And, assisted by Trump, Russia has developed weapons, now installed on 2 Russian warships, that disrupt the eyesight of targets as well as make them hallucinate and vomit.

February 7: Trump's corruption with Saudi Arabia includes Trump's selling military weapons to turn over to Al Qaeda, bin Laden's terrorist organization.

February 7: Trump corruption regarding illegal immigrants is so bad that, now exposed in part, Trump fired 18 illegal immigrants that he employed.

February 7: Trump's Dept. of Veterans Affairs is so corrupt that 19 veterans have committed suicide on the grounds of a VA hospital in protest of their poor treatment.

February 2: Putin is thrilled. Trump approved Putin's development of nuclear weapons to destroy NATO countries. Trump hates NATO too.

January 30: "Incredible willful blindness by Trump to looming threats to US national security. He has denied the evidence of our own intelligence officials. He has concealed from his own Cabinet and Congress private dealings with Putin and KJU. We are in trouble. It's a rogue presidency. The president is under the sway of Mr. Putin and will not authorize aggressive countermeasures against the Russians." (General Barry McCaffrey)

January 30: Putin speaks, Trump behaves. Today, from his White House warm room and fireplace, Trump attacked the tens of thousands of national security professionals, many risking their lives every day in Iran/Afghanistan/Syria/Iraq and dozens of other killing fields, as "extremely passive naive." Putin/Trump have made it official US policy that its national security agencies are frauds and criminals.

January 29: Trump's own chiefs of US national intelligence say Trump is a liar. Trump says ISIS is defeated, false they say. Trump says North Korea poses no nuclear threat, false they say. Trump says Iran is violating the 'Iran nuclear deal', false they say. Trump says that mothers and children escaping murder and rape are a national emergency, false they say. Trump says that Russia is not interfering with US elections, false they say. Trump says that Russia poses no military threat against the US, they say false. Trump's lies for Russia and against the US. Trump's own national security chiefs agree with those of Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan, Carter etc.

With Putin's help the Trump virus became more virulent. His life of crime and fraud has now infected US government, the presidency and the White House. Like a Putin computer virus, figuratively and literally, Trump degrades America.

Fines and prison terms for criminal employers of illegal immigrants, soliciting their entry in the US, would be more effective than a wall they can go under, around and over, or as half do - fly into US airports on a VISA but not return to their home country due to VISA expiration. Oops, Trump has hired hundreds of illegal immigrants.

January 26: “What a debacle President Trump’s shutdown proved to be — what a toddler’s pageant of foot-stomping and incompetence, of vainglory and self-defeat. Mr. Trump tormented public servants and citizens and wounded the country, and, in conceding on Friday after holding the government hostage for 35 days, could claim to have achieved nothing. He succeeded only in exposing the emptiness of his bully’s bravado, of his ‘I alone can fix it’ posturing. Once upon a time, Mr. Trump promised that Mexico would pay for a wall. He instead made all Americans pay for a partisan fantasy.”( New York Times) "Good news for George Herbert Walker Bush: As of today, he is no longer the biggest wimp ever to serve as President of the United States." (Ann Coulter)

January 25: On the brink of devestation of airline safety, the economy and US national security, Trump ended the Trump Shutdown of critical federal agencies. And, Trump tried to change the news regarding the Roger Stone chapter in his conspiracy with Russia against the US.

January 25: Another one of Trump's lawyers and conduits of crime and treason was arrested. Before sunrise, a dozen heavily armed FBI agents surrounded, arrested and handcuffed Roger Stone for conspiracy against the US, obstruction of justice, lying to Congress and witness tampering (which included Stone's threat to murder the dog of a witness to silence this witness), Stone told this witness to kill himself to protect Trump.

From Stone's indictment, "After the July 22, 2016 release of stolen DNC emails by Organization 1, a senior Trump Campaign official was directed to contact STONE about any additional releases and what other damaging information Organization 1 had regarding the Clinton Campaign." Organization 1 is Wikileaks, an agent of Russia against the US that conspired with Trump and Russia, often praised by Trump. Question is....who directed a senior campaign official to pursue collusion. Trump himself?

Another Trump conduit of treason and crime arrested

Trump campaign officials indicted or convicted: Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, George Popadopoulis, Alex van der Zwann, Michael Cohen and numerous Russian spies and Trump co-conspirators.

January 25: Trump hates Hispanic women and children escaping rape and murder far worse than his monumental hate of African Americans and Muslims. These mothers and their children are, to Trump, an existential threat against the United States. To prove it, Trump terminated paychecks to over a million Americans more than a month ago and breaking US national security and aviation safety on top of over a million families, many forced to work in the Coast Guard, FBI, air traffic control, FBI, Homeland Security and other critical roles. To these ends, Trump demands a WALL against Mexico, even though videos of tunnels under and ladders over existing walls are readily available as are records that most illegal immigrants arrive by plane and through the border around the US other than with Mexico. So fevered over his wall Trump has not played golf for his longest period of time in his life.

January 23: Scared by Trump's threats against the life of his family, attorney Michael Cohen postponed his testimony before the House of Representatives and American people. Trump's obstructions of justice keep expanding, this one also known as criminal witness tampering.

Trump's Dept. of Justice will not indict Trump for his many crimes and treason, so Trump perpetrates them freely realizing that, in violation of the US Constitution, he is above the rule of law and the US Constitution.

We never need to tell the truth to Trump supporters. They reject truth and will hate you for it.

January 18: Trump relaxed sanctions against one of his Russian co-conspirators. Another 'favor' for Putin against the US.

January 17: Trump attempted the assassination-by-terrorist of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, her delegation and top military officers in Afghanistan by leaking the travel plans of Pelosi to Afghanistan, forcing Pelosi to cancel her trip to save the lives targeted by Trump's assassination plan.

For Putin Trump is undermining America, its values, its culture, its government, its national security, its allies, its rule of law, its morality and its democracy.

The ultimate problem is that Trump has the power to go crazy, eg launch nuclear weapons, gun down thousands of mothers and children at the boarder, light fire to the white house….. these reasons inhibit action against him.

January 17: Trump, via his closest lawyer, announced that campaign officials colluded with Russia against the US. Trump's previous closest lawyer announced that Trump directed him for Trump's sole benefit to pay for another illegal campaign contribution, this one to rig election polling to falsify Trump's standing in the polls (a bag of cash in a Walmart bag was used). And, Trump personally directed Cohen to lie to Congress about Trump's Moscow Trump Tower project, one of Trump's treasonous conspiracies with Putin (Trump's AG nominee William Barr testified this week that coaching witnesses to lie is obstruction of justice).

Trump supporter Chris Christie announced that Trump is surrounded by convicted and unconvicted felons.

No wonder Trump will not testify under oath about anything.

January 16: Another Trump blunder kills Americans. Trump announced last month that he defeated ISIS (false) and, therefore, began removing US troops from Syria to handover Syria to Russia and Iran. Today, US soldiers were killed by ISIS in Syria.

January 16: To harm Americans on behalf of Russia, Trump has removed salaries from about one million government workers and contractors, thus harming the lives of millions of Americans. Trump tells them to try babysitting or licking postage stamps, and that he does not want them to ever renew their federal income.

January 16: To please Putin, Trump talks often about removing the US from NATO, seen by Putin as his largest threat. NATO has been incredibly successful for 70 years to protect democracy, a bad mission according to Trump and Putin.

January 15: It became clear why trump chose William Barr to be the new Attorney General. Barr testified that what Trump has committed many crimes BUT will not charge him with these crimes, no indictments for this treasonous president according to Barr. Trump rejoices, no jail time.

January 14: Trump says it's wrong to speak with his Department of Justice but it is right to speak privately with Vladimir Putin and destroy any notes of their several private meetings that banned any US official to participate AND to invite the top Russian spies into the Oval Office, while banning all US officials, to celebrate Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey in order to derail investigation of Trump-Putin collusion against the US. Treason.

January 12: Asked by Fox News if he is a Russian asset against the US, Trump could not say no. Trump was elected by Putin, is controlled by Putin and is loyal to Putin. And, is using his government shutdown to slow down investigations into his crimes and treason.

January 11: F.B.I. Opened Inquiry Into Whether Trump Was Secretly Working on Behalf of Russia. Counterintelligence investigators had to consider whether the president’s own actions constituted a possible threat to national security. Agents also sought to determine whether Mr. Trump was knowingly working for Russia or had unwittingly fallen under Moscow’s influence.

Go Around Walls Trump Says

Household tools cut through Trump's strongest wall

1050s movie about a con man named Trump with miracle wall

January 8: Criminal defense attorneys for Trump's campaign manager, Paul Manafort, confirmed in writing that Manafort on behalf of Trump in 2016 colluded, ie criminally conspired, with Russian spies, eg sharing voter data with Russia for Russia to better target its illicit support of Trump's election.

Trump is using his insane goverment shutdown to slowdown investigation into his crimes and treason, arguing in court that his lawyers do not have the resources now to handle the investigations.

January 6: Trump claims that it is a national emergency not to built a wall between the US and Mexico to hold back 6 possible-but-unlikely terrorists. (Seven times this number arrive via Canada, but no Trump wall.) Trump closed about 25% of the federal government, including portions of the Dept. of Homeland Security, in support of his emergency! Trump demands that Americans pay for his racism.

January 4: Trump attacked a congressman for saying the word 'fuck', calling it a disgrace against the US. But, to Nancy Palosi in the Oval Office for 15 minutes yelled 'fuck'. Speaking of disgrace, Trump's is the biggest disgrace on earth.

January 4: Trump's economy. Already added $2 trillion to US federal debt ($2,000,000,000,000), stopped paying 800,000 federal workers their income, froze the salary of all federal workers and cancelled their 2% raise (though gave his captains of corruption a $10,000 raise), caused substantial loss of sales of US products overseas, caused companies to close or move outside the US, ready to close critical portions of the federal goverment for years to slow down investigation of his crimes and treason, ready to delay tax refunds to Americans, and adversely impact future US economy in favor of Russia and Saudi Arabia.

January 2: Trump announced that his military forces are a failure and led by incompetent generals who have squandered $1.5 trillion that he gave to them.

Trump also claimed he "got rid of" Senators Jeff Flake and Bob Corker. Trump trashed incoming Senator MItt Romney. And, Trump claimed that he fired DOD Secretary James Mattis because he was a weak crybaby.

January 2: "Trump will not be removed from office by the Constitutional impeachment and removal process. Instead, the self-professed supreme dealmaker will use his presidency as a bargaining chip with federal and state authorities in 2019, agreeing to leave office in exchange for the relevant authorities not pursuing criminal charges against him, his children or the Trump Organization. Trump will be impeached by the House of Representatives for high crimes and misdemeanors." (Alan Steinberg, senior position in George Bush administration)

January 1: "It is my sincere hope that the forthcoming exposure of your malfeasance & corruption will convince enough Republicans to abandon you in 2019. We have had enough of your whining from the White House. We need an actual leader—our Nation’s future is at stake." (CIA Director John Brennan)

Trump: Dishonest and Immoral

Trump inspired people to hate and give into fear.

He glorified fake news, insults and misogyny.